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  • Niverville Talks 3.0
  • Enhanced Water and Fire Protection
  • Residents Hooking up to New Water Main
  • Town Council's Open House
  • Oct 9 - 15 is Fire Prevention Week
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Niverville Talks 3.0

Ocotber 25, 2016

Please stop by Council's Open House this Thursday (7-9 pm at the South End of the Arena) to talk to your Councillors about this topic and more!

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Enhanced Water and Fire Protection Services for Niverville Residents

October 20-2016

NIVERVILLE, Man. – Residents in several newer housing developments in Niverville will have opportunity to receive improved water and fire protection services soon. Upgrades to the water treatment plant are also taking place impacting fire protection services for all residents.

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Residents Hooking up to New Water Main

October 19, 2016

Further to correspondence sent on October 13, 2016 .All the water quality tests have come back with positive results.

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Town Council's Open House

October 18, 2016

You're invited to attend...

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Oct 9 - 15 is Fire Prevention Week

October 6, 2016

Niverville Fire and EMS are having an open house. Oct 11th from 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

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