Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

With a winter storm pending…it is anticipated that a Snow Route Parking Ban will be put into effect later this week.  Notices indicating when the parking ban will be in effect and when it is lifted will be posted in the top alert banner on the Town’s website www.whereyoubelong.ca and the Town’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  For the full details of the Snow Route Parking Ban visit www.whereyoubelong.ca.


To all snowmobilers who will be taking advantage of the fresh snow, a reminder that snowmobiles are prohibited from traveling on any road in the Town.  Operators of snowmobiles are permitted to operate snowmobiles within the limits of the Town for purposes of taking the most direct route in and out of the Town from their residence on street boulevards or private property, provided that permission has been obtained from the owner of such private property.  The operation of snowmobiles on school property and in Town parks is prohibited (Bylaw 491-95).


Residents are also asked to take note that Bylaw 685-10 prohibits anyone from removing snow from their property and depositing the snow on a municipal road, drain or public place.  Parents are asked to ensure that children are not playing on snow mounds adjacent to a roadway.


Thank you for your cooperation and let’s all have a safe winter season!