A Community Carol Connection

On December 24th at 7 pm, I am inviting everyone to sing along with my wife and myself in something I am calling “A Community Carol Connection”. During WW 1 the two sides declared a Christmas truce and the story is told that soldiers willing to kill for their very different ideals laid their weapons down and took the time to sing some Christmas carols together. Regardless of your faith, beliefs, or world views, I am asking us all to step outside onto our decks, driveways, or yard to sing a few songs together so as to support those who could use a bit of a “pick me up” right now. In every community in Manitoba there are people who could use a little bit of good cheer, a respite from all things Covid, something to boost their spirits. Thus I would ask that we all come together to sing for those who live alone, for those who are pulling double shifts at our medical centers, for those who may have lost a family member this year, for our seniors who miss their children and grandchildren, for those who are dealing with financial stress, and for each other to show that yes while we cannot visit one another, we are still here for one another. Just like when the flood season hits and we go to help sandbag for someone we may not know, or we see someone stranded on the side of the road, we help in a humanitarian way to show we care about them and their plight. So in the same humanitarian way I am asking us to join together to sing, regardless of our beliefs, so as to lift one another’s spirits, especially those who could really use it, and let us let them know that we care about them!

To sing along or just listen on the 24th, please tune in to CHVN Radio 95.1 FM or visit their website www.chvnradio.com.  CHVN will have the words for the three songs on their website and we can all sing along with them as they lead us. If you especially live near a senior home, or PCH, or someone who lives alone, or are beside a neighbor that you know could use a little pick me up, we could really use you. Let us join together in song and let the sound of our voices carry through our communities to let them know they are not alone. Perhaps let them know to crack a window if they are able so they can hear us. This is not just a Niverville thing which is where I live, but can be done in every community including yours. It does not matter if you can sing or not as I will be doing my best Karaoke rendition. I look forward to singing together with you on Christmas Eve.

Myron Dyck, Mayor