Traffic Light Function

The Town of Niverville has received reports that the traffic lights at 5th Ave. and Main Street aren’t working correctly. The Traffic Engineering Branch of Manitoba Infrastructure was contacted and a field tech was sent to investigate. The report stated that the lights are working with no foreseen problems. The Tech did however make an observation; drivers are not stopping at the stop line. The field tech stated that if drivers stop to far past the stop line on 5th Avenue the sensor will not recognize there is a vehicle there and the light changing sequence will not begin. The Main St. lights take the priority thus they are programmed to rest on the green unless a vehicle pulls up to the stop line on 5th Avenue. Once that happens, there is a system delay of 10 seconds (to allow vehicles to pull up on 5th Avenue and make right turns without having the lights turn red on Main St.), also a 15-second delay for pedestrian clearance, a 4-second yellow, plus 2 second all red. That is approximately 31 seconds before the light will turn green on 5th Avenue from the time the first car pulls up to the stop line. If you cannot see the stop line; use the East/West sidewalk along Main St as your guide stop before. If you find that you are stopped at the stop line on 5th Avenue and the light doesn’t change after 31 seconds please contact the operations department at or 204-388-4600 ext. 211