Spring Community Garage Sale 2021

Date: April 30- May 1, 2021 

Free Give-Away Day- Sunday May 2nd, 2021 *Put out items on the curb and clearly mark “free” for anyone to take.

Register your address so we can put you on the map!

Garage Sale maps will be available here starting April 29th or limited copies will be available at select businesses around town.

Deadline to register your address is April 27th, 2021. Email recreation@whereyoubelong.ca or call 204-388-4600 ext 1106

Please be mindful of current public health orders!

Our Vision

Niverville Recreation’s vision is to offer a broad range of accessible recreational opportunities with the aim to create connections and cultivate belonging while meeting the physical, social, and psychological needs of the community.

Our Mission

The Niverville Recreation Department is the community connection for sports, recreation, health and wellness, arts, programs, and entertainment.

The Niverville Recreation, together with residents, neighbours, and community partners, strives to develop programs that accommodate all age groups while promoting personal growth, community connections, and health awareness. We believe in creating positive experiences while fulfilling the needs of the community and creating lasting memories.


Phone: 204-388-4600 (EXT 1104, 1105, or 1106)
Email: recreation@whereyoubelong.ca

For more information on programs, classes, and bookings, click the tabs under Recreation -> Programs.

If you are registering for a program, please visit https://niverville.ws.townsuite.com/events