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Did You Know? Flood of the Century

April 25, 2019

Since 1826 Niverville had not experienced a threat from a Red River flood as severe as the 1997 Flood of the Century. Niverville Council under the leadership of Mayor Clare Braun, rose to the challenge of protecting the Town.

The community rallied, constructing almost overnight a massive earthen dike. This impressive project snaked along the Town’s west flank from approximately the wetlands at Hespeler Park, northward across the golf course to just west of Mulberry Avenue. On its north flank the dike moved eastward across the CPR tracks to Fifth Avenue North. During the height of the emergency, citizens patrolled the dike. It was also citizens who manned the pumps ensuring no flooding occurred within their community. While Manitoba sustained over $500 million in damages, Niverville was largely spared the effects of this devastating natural catastrophe. Vehicle access was always maintained along Hwy 59 and PR 311. As a result, the Canadian military used Niverville as a major staging point in their efforts to assist flood mitigation efforts. The gymnasiums of NCI and Niverville elementary school became temporary bunking facilities and the Son City building became the official military headquarters. Niverville witnessed all types of military equipment rumbled down its streets. Today, Niverville is permanently flood protected with dikes along Crown Valley, Wallace and Stott Roads. Yesterday’s flooding challenges, today’s community security.

Courtesy of: Communities in Bloom and Jim Buys

 Aereal View

311 looking west

Dike at Ritchot