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Niverville’s 50th Anniversary – A half-century of progressive growth!

June 6, 2019

On January 1, 1969, Niverville, by an act of the Manitoba government, was proclaimed an independent urban municipality – a “Village."  Motivated to chart its own course because of perceived missed infrastructure improvement opportunities, the community requested separation from the RM of Hanover.

Self-governance was seen as the tool necessary to allow priority in achieving community aspirations. Glaring project deficiencies driving this action were the need for street rebuilding and asphalt resurfacing, construction of a sewage collection system, and business and residential development. As time progressed, community projects would involve enhanced emergency services, a town water system, a seniors centre, parks, and recreational programming and facilities. Independence provided the framework whereby elected community leaders, using the Town’s financial resources and planning services, would provide focused, creative and clearly defined goals meeting citizens’ expectations. Fifty years of determined, diligent and progressive efforts have resulted in the vibrant town we now call home.