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Sewer Cleaning

September 12, 2019

Sewer main cleaning will start Monday, September 16, 2019; the following streets will be affected:

  • Main St
  • 3rd Ave N
  • 3rd Ave S (Main St to Lift Station)
  • 1st St. N (Prairie Trail to 4th Ave)
  • 2nd St N (Prairie Trail to 4th Ave)
  • Vista Cove
  • Hampton Dr. (5th Ave to Cobblestone)
  • Hillcrest Court
  • Bentley Pl.
  • Cutlers Ridge
  • Chadwick Dr.
  • Andover Pl.
  • Hawksley Gate
  • Cobblestone Court
  • Errington Way
  • Errington Pl.

Please note that there is no exact route or timeline.

Occasionally during sewer cleaning, air pressure builds in the sewer line causing water to splash out of toilets, sinks and drains. Please take the following precautions to prevent water damage in your home:

  • Close lids and cover toilet bowls when not in use.
  • Insert drain plugs in all sinks and bathtubs when not in use.
  • Remove all floor mats in bathrooms.
  • Place an old towel around base of toilets.
  • Cover all basement floor drains.

Sewer cleaning on rare occasions may leave an odor in the home. If so, please run some water down all sink and bathtub drains, flush toilets, pour a pail of water into each basement floor drain and open your windows. After a short time the odor should disappear.