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Notice to Residents of 5th Ave Estates & Highlands Development

Notice to Residents of 5th Ave Estates & Highlands Development

May 6, 2016

Spring 2016 has arrived. Citizens are enjoying warm temperatures and with that their lawn sprinklers can be seen operating…greening up of lawns in anticipation of summer.

The Town has plenty of water to meet its water utility commitments with more than adequate water capacity at the water treatment plant for normal water consumption. However, to produce water of the highest quality takes time… and wise water conservation practices are encouraged.

Specifically, summer life styles can place extra demands for water consumption. To address this concern, and following the example of other communities, Council implemented a Water Conservation policy. It permits residents with even numbered homes to water lawns on even numbered days and ones with odd numbered homes to water lawns on odd numbered days.

If self-imposed water conservation practices are not adhered to, and water consumption exceeds water production, the town will address this shortfall by adding to the water system less processed water. This change in water production results in a safe water product that meets government approved standards for drinking water … however not at the high standards we have become accustomed to. Residents may experience higher levels of water minerals; minerals such as iron or manganese. One may also notice some discoloration of faucets and appliances and potentially, a chlorine odor. Quite simply - wise water management impacts the standard of drinking water we enjoy… please use water responsibly and conserve.

Also, a friendly reminder that free water for filling of swimming pools is available from the Town. Residents must have their own means of transporting the water from 309 Main Street to their home. Please call 204-388-4600 ext. 111 for more information.

Have a great summer but let’s practice water conservation!

Town of Niverville
Operations Department