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Feedback Request

Feedback Request

May 16, 2016

Your Feedback is requested! Niverville’s Animal Control Bylaw 691-10 requires dog owners to not let their pet run “at large”.

The definition of “at large’ means off the owner’s property and not on a leash (which is no longer than 6 feet) held by a person able to control the dog. Unfortunately, the Town has received complaints about our citizens walking their dog off leash in Hespeler Park… and with some of these dogs showing aggressive behavior to other dogs and/or citizens using the park.

Our experience is that the vast majority of dog owners are very responsible. They keep their dogs on a leash and are picking up after their pet when it poops on property other than their own.

We would like to hear from you…help us understand to what extent this is a problem. What has been your experience with dogs running loose in the park? Have you seen dog owners picking up their pet’s mess? What are your suggestions of how to encourage pet owners to take responsibility for their pets? Please forward your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..