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Communities in Bloom Week 4

June 29, 2018

This weeks winners are:

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Hanover Niverville Joint Media Release

June 29, 2018

Please view the link below for the Hanover Niverville joint media release regarding the New Bothwell wells.

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Water Ban is Lifted

June 6, 2018

***important update regarding water ban***

Thank you all for being patient in regards to the water ban that is now over!

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Town Project Updates

June 26, 2018

Town Project update for week of June 26th

With summer now upon us and school about to be let out here is a brief update for residents on some of the work you may see going on around Town:

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Fire Ban Update

May 18, 2018

Just in time for your long weekend enjoyment, The Niverville Fire Chief has approved contained outdoor fires in approved fire pits! Please remember that fireworks are not permitted. In case of an uncontrolled fire, please call 911.


Communities in Bloom

June 19, 2018

Communities in Bloom is back. Here are the winners from the first three weeks.

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Water Ban - Update

May 31, 2018

Council would like to extend their sincere appreciation to Niverville residents for their cooperation in adhering to the watering ban.

Currently staff are flushing the water treatment plant lines to prepare for the new well field. While the water ban is still in place, we are anticipating that the new well field will be up and running next week.


 Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding. With you we look forward to project completion.