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Animal Control

The Animal Control officer is responsible for both domestic and wild animal concerns within our community. In some cases, your call may be referred back to the Town Administration for by-law clarification or onto the RCMP if the concern is warranted. Click to view Notices of Impoundment

Animal Control By-law 819-20

Phone: 204-371-5859
Animal Control Officer: Lorna Friesen


All dogs and cats (6 months and over) within the Town of Niverville are required to be licensed. You may have up to 3 pets per household. If you are within this number, please use this application form. Proof of rabies and distemper vaccination must be presented at the time of application before a license or renewal can be issued. Licenses are $20 per pet, per year. If renewal is completed on or before the listed due date, the license will be a reduced fee of $15. Should a cat or dog be picked up by the Animal Control Officer, fines must be paid at the Town Administrative Office before the animal can be retrieved.

Animal License


Residents are asked to take note that if their pet is picked up by Animal Control during a weekend or on a Statutory Holiday, that the return of the pet may only occur once fines and fees have been paid at the Town Administration Office during regular business hours.